If the goods you have purchased is defective, broken or damaged, report us the found defects as soon as possible by e-mail to info@gasso.cz, possibly by phone or in writing. Of course, you can also apply the complaint on our Gasso, Nerudova 20, Jablonec nad Nisou, Postal Code 466 01.

The customer has the customer for the obligation to claim immediately after the defect is determined. This applies to buy online and in a stone shop. In the event of a recognition of complaint, defective or damaged goods will be replaced or corrected after mutual agreement.

Procedure for solving a claim in the form of a mail shipment.

The goods must be delivered complete as taken from the seller. Must be dry and cleaned. If the goods arrive dirty or incomplete, it will be sent back with the request for payment of the postage. We recommend that all the documents received by the goods received, for example, the invoice, warranty card and others. Switched copies are enough. Do not forget to indicate contact (preferably telephone) for possible clarification.

Procedure for solving complaints to the establishment.

As with mailing goods by mail, the goods must be handed over for complaints complete, dry and cleaned. This avoids the risk of rejection of an apprint right away. Together with goods, please bring proof of purchase or warranty card. Directly to the premises with you will be written by a complaint protocol, which will simultaneously serve as a certificate of receipt of the goods.

Your complaint will be settled within the law 30 days of taking over our premises. We will inform you about the settlement of the complaint using SMS or Mail.

As a seller, we assume no responsibility for damages resulting from the operation of products, functional properties and damage from the improper use of products, as well as damage caused by external events and erroneous manipulation. There is no warranty provided for defects in this origin.

The warranty period is 24 months for all our products.

The Complaints Procedure in Full text can be viewed HERE.