We have no clue if anybody from customers read info about company and its history. We don´t want to and won´t bore you with chronologically compiled biography of our boss or numbers of clothing sewn over the years that this company has been running.

Years and years ago, we began with one little sewing machine, when our kids were born. We still have that one as a memorial. However, time flies and we are slowly preparing for the arrival of the first grandchild. We are still enjoying sewing and making cuts, just like in the beginning. Just like then, everything we come up with, we try on ourselfs first or we force our friends to be a tester to make it work and also look good.

And we think immodestly, that it is visible.

More than 20 years...

Thank you for your support.

+420 604 634 006 - Gabča Lehká (boss)

+420 603 731 485 - Renča Faltová (master)

+420 777 595 878 - Ivča Winterová (chief designer)


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